Nutella Fruit Dip


This family loves dip on anything. When I came across this Nutella fruit dip on Pinterest, I knew we would love it. I not-so-secretly hoped it would also help me to get my children to eat a little more fruit. And sure enough, when I made this dip for dinner tonight, I had two little girls eating strawberries, watermelon, and bananas. You have no idea what a feat that is. These girls of mine aren’t too keen on fruit, so I’m happy to make them any kind of dip they want if it means they will eat fruit. And since this dip is made with Greek yogurt, I feel like they are getting lots of good protein at the same time.

All you need is a single-serving container of Greek yogurt and a about three tablespoons of Nutella. I use either plain or vanilla yogurt, but you can use whatever suits your fancy.


You literally just mix them together in a bowl. Or find a cute kindergartner to do it for you.


Since we’d had a big breakfast and a big lunch today, this was all we ate for dinner. I served it with cantaloupe, strawberries, honeydew, bananas, watermelon, and grapes. My girls ate it for lunch several times last week. I’m so happy to have a healthy, easy, delicious dip that gives the whole family a good reason to eat more fruit.

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