Back to School Prayers

It’s back-to-school time around here. We started our homeschool year this week, and many of our public and private school friends are beginning again this week. Back-to-school time can be just as busy or even more so for parents as it is for children. As moms, one of the best ways we can serve our children during this time is by praying for them. Whether your children are excited or fearful, unsure or confident, a good student or one who struggles, your prayers can make a world of difference for them. As always, praying God’s word over them is a powerful and effective way of standing against the work of the Enemy in their lives. Here are a few back to school prayers straight from scripture to help guide you as you lift your children before the Lord:

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Philippians 4:6-7 – Lord, I pray that my children will not be anxious for anything as they go back to school. Call them to Yourself in prayer so that they will submit their requests to You with thanksgiving. Grant them Your peace in their hearts and minds in such great measure that they are blown away.

Colossians 3:23 – Father, help my children to understand that whatever work they do is not to please teachers or even to please their parents, but it is ultimately to please You, their Heavenly Father. They work for You and not for anyone else.

2 Corinthians 12:9 – Lord, grant that my children may rest in the fact that Your grace is sufficient to carry them through whatever comes their way. When challenges arise that are too much for them, You are carrying them by Your great strength.

Philippians 4:8 – Jesus, when we compare ourselves to others, it is easy to focus on ways we don’t measure up instead of focusing on what You have made us to be. In those moments, remind my children to focus on what is true, what is noble, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and of good report. Lord, if there is anything good or praiseworthy, help her to meditate on those things.

Isaiah 43:2 – Lord, school can be overwhelming. Turn my children’s attention to the fact that when they pass through the waters, You are with them. When they go through rivers, they will not be overtaken. When they must walk through fire, You will be with them and will protect them from being scorched.

Isaiah 54:17 – Father, the Enemy is always on the hunt to harm us. I speak Your word over my child that says no weapon formed against them shall prosper and every tongue that rises against them in judgement shall be condemned. It is their heritage as Your servants and Your righteousness will protect them.

Matthew 5:9 – Jesus, Your teach us that those who make peace in troublesome situations will be called Your sons. May my children be instruments of Your peace in situations full of strife and arguing.

Psalm 133:1 – Lord, according to Your word, it is good and pleasant when Your children live together in unity. Father, give them godly friends at school with whom they are united. Provide friends who share the same beliefs and interests so that they will have strength in numbers to stand against the schemes and temptations of the Enemy.

Matthew 5:6 – Jesus, You teach us that You will bless those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. In this world there are many distractions that my children could follow. PLace in them such a hunger and thirst for Your ways that they aren’t interested in the ways of the world. Consume their thoughts, hearts, and minds with Yourself that they might be filled with You.

Proverbs 1:5 – Father, Your word tells us that a wise man will hear and increase learning and that a man of understanding will attain wise counsel. Lord, give my children godly teachers who can provide wise counsel and inspire them to search after learning. And one they have learned, give them understanding in how to apply what they know. Make them wise.

Matthew 12:35 – Jesus, You tell us that a good man out of the good treasure of his heart brings forth good things, while an evil man out of the evil in his heart brings forth evil things. I have tried to store up good in my child’s heart. Help them to be ministers of good so that they reap goodness from others. Quickly show them ways in which they might be sowing evil so that they can correct their ways. Give them wisdom in dealing with other children whose ways aren’t full of goodness.

Romans 12:2 – Father, this world is not our final home. Help my children not to be conformed to this world. Help them to set their minds on the fact that we live this life for a greater purpose than entertaining ourselves. Grant that they could be so gospel-minded that they aren’t swayed by the ways of the ungodly, but that they would always live with a crystal clear focus on winning this world to Your kingdom.

Precious readers, I stand in agreement with you in prayer that God wants GOOD for your children. He created them for the purpose of loving Him and serving His people. I pray with you that they would follow Him all of their days and in so doing find protection, joy, peace, and life.

Back to School Prayers


  1. I especially like your thought, “I have tried to store up good in my child’s heart. Help them to be ministers of good so that they reap goodness from others.” As a homeschool mom, I must provide avenues for my children to be ‘ministers of good’ to others outside of our own home, because we who know Christ are the ‘light of the world’. Traditional school certainly provides plenty of opportunities for being a light (with much prayer that the light isn’t snuffed out by the darkness). Your post has inspired me to attend some children’s activities this coming year that are secular based, so that my children can share Christ’s love with nonbelievers as well. Thank you!

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      Thanks, Carrie! We definitely must be intentional about sharing the gospel to those around us. I’ve been trying to teach my children that people don’t know unless they’ve been told (Romans 10:14), and it’s our job to go and tell (Matthew 28:19). Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Thanks so much for this. I am sharing it with our families at church. It was such a timely find for me!

  3. Eric's Jimenez says

    Thank you Ms Ashley for this beautiful post!
    I was able to pray for my children today as they start their first day of the school year!

  4. How perfect this is! Thank you so much. Many of the scriptures spoke to me today as I am walking through my day. This is a beautiful testament to parenthood. You are a blessing!

  5. Melinda H. says

    Hi Ashley,

    I love your “back-to-School’ post and prayers. I am hoping that I can get your permission to share your words and thoughts with the parents of my upcoming new class. Thank you again and God Bless you!!

  6. Anonymous says

    I want you to know that for the past 8 years I come back to this site to pray these scriptures over my children before going to school. Thank you for posting this and blessing me and my children. It is so what I needed and the prayer are wonderful and help me to have a launching point for my prayers, thank you.

    • Ashley Mills Hill says

      I am so grateful that it has been helpful to you and your children. I pray they have a wonderful year.

  7. Linda Dietz says

    Blessed to have found this post! We are grandparents who want to cover our “grands” in prayer and there is no prayer better than verses from the Word! These will be used in the Legacy Bibles we are making for our grandchildren. We have purchased an ESV Journaling Bible for each and are underlining the verses we pray for them as well as adding notes of encouragement & anything else the Lord lays on our hearts. Hopefully they will be enjoyed for years after we’re “face to face.”


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