I Am God’s Child Art Project

Gods Child Art Project

We’ve been working on a lot of art projects around here the last few days. We love to use art as an expression of worship and as an act of creativity. God is a creative God, and we are made in His image. We should be creative, too, and use our creativity to honor Him.

This project is super easy and can be adapted for use with almost any age. All you need is a background page, a photo, and strips cut from paper with characteristics of the child.

I took the photo with my phone and changed it to black and white using PicMonkey.com. Then I put it in a Microsoft Word document to adjust the size. We then cut it out with scissors.

The background paper can be almost anything you want. We painted the paper blue and then added the polka dots with a circular sponge. You can paint any design you want, as this is an expression of the child’s creativity.

My daughter made up her own phrases about herself. Smaller children might need help with this one. The most important concept here is for the child to grasp that each of these characteristics are unique traits or talents that God has given them to accomplish His purposes through them. And we end it with “I am God’s Child” because that is the foundation that we are building on. No matter how He has created us, we are all His children when we believe on the saving power of Jesus.


  1. […] Our ”I Am God’s Child” art project is a great way to teach children that they are children of the Most High God. The child will choose various traits or characteristics that God has given them. Children must ponder the gifts and interests they’ve been blessed with. This project calls for a little parental help in taking and printing the child’s photo, but the rest can be done by the child. We completed this project in about 30 minutes. […]

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