Butternut Squash Ravioli


In December, you might remember, we took the family to Disney World. We had a magical time at the parks and visiting with our friends. It was just as fun as you might imagine and we had a ball. One of the nicest surprises of the trip was how much the food at Disney had improved since we’d last been there. Granted, it had been quite a few years since we’d been to Disney. In fact, Jonathan and I had never been to Disney since we got married 13 years ago. However, the food was as much an adventure as the rides and character meet-ups. One of the best meals we had at Disney was at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in Downtown Disney. I ordered the Pumpkin Ravioli with Browned Butter Sauce.


Not only was it one of the best meals at Disney, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had IN MY LIFE. It is the perfect combination of flavors: homemade ravioli filled with pureed pumpkin and mascarpone cheese, topped with a browned butter sauce, brown sugar, toasted pecans, fresh arugula, and shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese. It was creamy with a hint of sweetness and set off perfectly with the earthiness of the toasted pecans and the peppery arugula. I knew I would have to try to replicate it when I got back home.

My version is definitely the knock-off version (I’m sure Wolfgang would not approve), but it is a really delicious substitute if you aren’t headed to Disney World anytime soon. Plus, my version is simpler and works well for busy families. Here’s what you’ll need:


1 package butternut squash ravioli (See, I told you mine was a shortcut.)
1 stick butter
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 head of arugula
1 package parmigiano reggiano
1 small package of pecans

In a pan, bring about six cups of water to a boil. Drop in ravioli and boil until al dente.


Drain in a colander. Set aside.

In a skillet, melt the stick of butter. Allow it to keep cooking until it begins to turn a golden brown color. Whisk in the brown sugar and set aside.

In a 400 degree oven, toast the pecans on a cookie sheet for about 3 minutes. Don’t skip the toasting step, as it brings out the wonderful flavor of the pecans. However, pecans burn very quickly, so don’t let them go longer than about 3-5 minutes.


Once the ravioli, pecans, and butter are done, you are ready to plate your dish. Place a few ravioli on the dish and top with a smidge of shaved parmigiano reggiano. Spoon browned butter mixture over the top.


If you are unfamiliar with parmigiano reggiano, this is what you’re looking for:


It is a hard cheese that is beautiful when shaved over the top of Italian dishes.

Next, place a handful of the arugula leaves over the top. Arugula is in the lettuce family, but it is tougher than romaine or green leaf lettuce and it has a distinct peppery flavor.


Top with the toasted pecans and more shaved parmigiano reggiano.


Enjoy! To see other delicious recipes, visit our Recipe Index.

What’s your favorite Disney meal?

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