100 Dishes in Alabama: Jim’s Restaurant

We are taking spring break this week, and the little ladies and I decided to spend our time at the beach with CC and Pop. Patti went down a day early with my mom, and MA and I set out on our road trip on Monday. She and I were excited about taking our time on the way down to stop at all the little spots that we usually pass up in our rush to finish our trip.


We made quite a few stops along the way, including a return visit to Prattville Pickers. Prattville Pickers is a fun place to browse aisles and aisles of antiques, knickknacks, jewelry, and more.

Prattville Pickers

Since we found ourselves in Prattville at lunch time, we turned to our 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die list for a lunch spot. Jim’s Restaurant is Prattville’s only entry on the list, so we decided to give them a try.



The menu at Jim’s is pretty simple. It’s definitely a “meat and three” kind of place. However, they are also well-known for their hamburgers.


I ordered the chopped sirloin, braised potatoes, cut string beans, and cole slaw. Little Bit ordered the same entree, but she opted for the black-eye peas and sweet potatoes.


The food was delicious, but we really enjoyed the service at Jim’s. The waitresses are friendly and know the regular customers by name. They identified us as travelers right away and asked about our trip and where we were from. And any waitress who reminds me of my Grandmother Calloway by declaring, “Y’all enjoy your dinner!” for a 1:00 meal has my heart.

While Prattville has lots of chain restaurant choices, with just a little drive off the beaten path you can enjoy a down-home place like Jim’s Restaurant.

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