The Family Dinner Table

It’s no secret that I love to cook. One reason is because my family loves to EAT. We just really, really love food. We love to try new dishes and we love to comfort ourselves with old favorites. But, I think one of the reasons we love the food culture so much is because food is a common bond that ties us all together. It’s the togetherness that we’re really after. That common thread that connects us to each other. The sense of community and belonging when we gather around the family dinner table with our favorite people to laugh, share, dream, explore, and remember.

You know, it’s the people you’re with who matter most. Not the food. Not the space. Not the topic of conversation. You can have intimate conversation while eating a peanut butter sandwich on a paper plate from the tailgate of your car. However, as the tender of our homes, it is nice to put a little effort into creating a space where our families feel at home, relaxed, and free to share. I want my home to be a place where people feel at peace, and so I try to make my home have that vibe. I shared with you all the place where my family eats most of our breakfasts and lunches – at the bar in our kitchen.


(Let’s all pretend that you can’t see dirty dishes in the sink and a floor that needs to be swept, mkay?)

This space has worked so well for us, as we spend LOTS of time in the kitchen. The girls can sit at the bar and do schoolwork, eat, talk with me while I cook, etc. However, the adjacent space, where we eat most of our night meals, is not quite as homey as I’d like it to be. I love the stripes that we painted several months ago, but they bring a busy-ness to the room that no longer works with all the busy-ness on the shelves and the busy-ness of artwork. It’s too busy. It’s just all TOO BUSY!!!


Anyhoo, this has sent me on a bender to find dining room inspiration. I want a space that doesn’t feel so chaotic so that my family can relax and be at peace while we eat. I thought you might like to see some of the beautiful rooms I found.

I ADORE the Spanish colonial style, and this space is perfect for gathering the family together! The chairs look comfy – encouraging people to linger and converse.

I’m not usually one to throw a contemporary space on you, but I think this room fits the bill perfectly. I can easily imagine having a few friends over for dinner and hanging out half the night in this space. It’s quite simplistic, but it just WORKS really well.

I’m coveting the light and brightness of this cottage space. I’m sure I could get lost in the view that is seen through those big windows. It’s relaxed and homey, but not too much so. There are still some formal elements like the chandelier and the artwork to give it some structure.

This home sits on a lake, so you know it’s always full of family and friends, fun and laughter. This dining room is perfect for entertaining a crowd. Love the size of the table.

When your artwork is done by the Master Creator, there is no need to add anything to the space. The simplicity of this room allows you to fully enjoy the view without interruption.

I happen to love the blues in this dining room. If blue isn’t your color, you have the freedom to choose your own color palate. But the thing I love about this room is the boldness the homeowners displayed in making it thier own. It definitely makes a statement.


Even with only a small space, this homeowner created a tidy, cozy dining space with only the basics: table and chairs. The choice of big artwork, natural shades, and plush rug make the space look complete.


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