Best Posts of 2016 from

Best Posts of 2016 from


  1. Tisha Landers says

    Hi everyone. I am 34 and my eczema didn’t show up bad until about 8 yrs ago. Typically, it is my thighs and love handles that suffer the most. Here the last couple years, I have been able to head it off and not get any flare ups. Here is what has been working for me. The soaps I use are Dove Original and/or Aveeno Calming. I add diluted tea tree oil and coconut oil. I found a few years ago that diluted Tea Tree Oil will calm my eczema flare ups in a few hrs to overnight. I have also had luck adding tea tree oil to whichever lotion works best. I also like the green medicated Gold Bond. Over the last few weeks, I have had red, raw, burning patches popping up on my hands.

  2. My 4yr ild has it BAD
    I’m going to try the ACV
    An pray it works..
    But I’d like to know what
    Do you use as a moisturizer?

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