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I have always sort of pshaw’ed at people who say things like, “It’s all downhill after 40.” It all sounded a bit dramatic to me.


I turned 40 a little over a year ago, and I finally see that a body does, in fact, begin a slow decline at around that age. Case in point: my eyesight. I went from 20/20 to blind as a bat OVERNUGHT. I have needed new eyeglasses for a while, but homeschooling two children, writing 10,000 words a week, running a house, and a host of other commitments have kept me from making my eyesight a priority. Sure, my reading glasses from the Piggly Wiggly are okay, but what I really need is to get myself a proper pair of glasses. Maybe that could be my new year’s resolution.

And y’all, I had no idea that the eyeglasses purchasing process had changed so much since I last bought them. The last time I bought glasses, I went to the eye doctor for my exam and prescription. Then I ran by the optometrist on the way home and paid an arm and a leg for frames. Now, it seems you can actually purchase glasses online!?!


As it turns out, there are sites like where you can purchase eyeglasses without leaving your home. All you do is see your eye doctor for an exam and new prescription. Then you go to and choose the frames you like. Order them using your prescription, and they will be on their way to you.

And I don’t know if you’ve bought glasses lately, but they are high as a cat’s back! However, has eyeglasses frames starting at $38, with tons of cute designer frames around the $100 price point. They carry frames by Coach, Guess, Lucky Brand, Lacoste, Tom Ford, and Bolle. In my humble opinion, they are much better than the frames you see in Target, but these are cheaper.


I know that all sounds well and good, but you need to try on the glasses, right? Well, has this incredible online virtual mirror feature where you can upload a picture of yourself and “try on” the frames. is offering a 15% discount on your entire order (over $50) plus FREE SHIPPING using code FS15. Readers may also take 10% off any prescription glasses order using code Blog10.

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