Can I Get A Vote?

I think my indecision in decorating choices has been well documented on this little blog. I become paralyzed in making the perfect choice, which leads to making no choice at all. Hence the reason that, although we renovated our kitchen a year ago, we still have no barstools. Some are too pricy. Some don’t fit the space. Some are the wrong style. Some are the wrong blah, blah, blah. I can come up with any number of reasons to put off making the decision.

So, I’m taking a big step and throwing a choice out there. I fully realize that by my taking a vote that I’m really putting the decision-making off on you, but work with me here, people. At least I’m ready to commit. Sort of.

My criteria are that they need to be compact enough to fit four stools without being cramped, I have to be able to afford four of them, they will be very close to a farmhouse table with (probably) windsor chairs, and my children have to be able to maneuver them by themselves.

So here is the space…

And here are the barstools…

I’m thinking about the stone colored ones between the olive green and the brick red ones.

What say you, internet friends? Do “we” like these? Have you seen other options?

Thanks for your input,
Stuck in Indecision


  1. I love those! I’d go for a punch of color if I were you (or all different colors 🙂 )

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