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I’ve been a day off for the last few days thanks to a fabulous, much-needed Labor Day holiday. We were so, so glad to have Jonathan home with us for an extra day this weekend. And while it rained around these parts all. day. long, we still managed to eke out a little fun. Hope y’all did, too.

And since I really need to get off the internet and dive into school with my big girl, here’s a quick list of happenings that I thought you might enjoy.

1. Please click here right now and read this article about a woman who joins a search party for… HERSELF!?! I can just hear the discussions: “Wait a minute, are we looking for ME? I just went into the bathroom to get the ketchup off my shirt! Honest!”

2. My baby girl went to a friend’s house to play last week. And yesterday, on a whim, she loaded up with my in-laws and headed to Mississippi for the week. She is by far my most independent child. She amazes me at the way she will just jump into someone else’s car with a smile on her face and ride off without a care in the world. She acts like it’s the best day of her life. Meanwhile, I’m in the corner crying about how big my baby is getting.

3. Emily Freeman has a new book out today. It’s called Graceful: Graceful (For Young Women): Letting Go of Your Try-Hard LifeLetting Go of Your Try-Hard Life. It looks to be the young adult version of her earlier released book called Grace for the Good Girl: Letting Go of the Try-Hard LifeGrace for the Good Girl. I will be buying this book as soon as I can get to the book store. Because I have one of those try-hard girls. Here’s the description of her book straight from “You know her–the good girl. She’s the reliable one who shows up every week at youth group wearing a purity ring and a smile. She gets good grades, makes the team, and doesn’t need to be told to come home on time. But deep down she is crushed by the weight of the responsibility to be the good one, the smart one, the one who never messes up.

With the same candor and gentle spirit she showed women in Grace for the Good Girl, Emily Freeman now gives young women what they need to be free on the inside, no matter what’s going on outside. Through an honest look at the roles girls play, she helps them learn to stop trying and start trusting that the Jesus who came to save them also comes to live with them, right here and now.”

Those are affiliate links. Mama’s trying to make a living, y’all. 🙂

4. Did you see that Michael Strahan has been tapped to replace Regis Philbin as the co-host of the new Live with Kelly and Michael? I’m a huge Kelly Ripa fan. I’m assuming Michael has filled in before, but I missed it. Mainly because I’ve missed the show for the last several years. (Homeschooling, anyone?) So, what is your opinion of the new guy? Do we like him? Is he funny? Does he have good banter with our girl Kelly? What say you, blog readers?

5. This eases the pain of a big loss for my Auburn Tigers over the weekend. THIS is what life is all about, folks! (And as much as we enjoy it, it ain’t SEC football.)

Be salt and light this week, y’all!

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