Gallery Walls

I’ve had a gallery wall in almost every home I’ve lived in. I love the cluttered, eclectic feeling of mixing lots of different paintings and/or photos together. But there are times I feel like my mix of pieces gets a little tired and I need a new way to arrange it. I went on a hunt for gallery wall inspiration, and there were some very nice ideas to be found!


  1. I have this in my house! Who knew I was so hip and cool?! I took all those old family photos, the ones you love and just don’t know what to do with and printed/ reprinted all in black and white and went to town in my hallway. I will have it floor to ceiling when I am done!
    I found you on the Follow Me Wednesday blog hop.

  2. thehillhangout says

    I have no doubt that you are very hip and cool, as evidenced by your gallery wall. I love old family photos as well, and have a gallery wall of black and white photos in my den right now. Thanks for following! Come back anytime.

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