Which Warby Parker’s Would You Choose?

In the last few years my eyesight has taken a bit of a plunge. I attribute it to the fact that I’m now 41 years old. I’ve always heard that it happens after 40, and I guess I’m right on time. I’m way past due for a visit to my eye doctor for new frames, so in order to limp by I ran to the Tar-Jay and bought a few pairs of readers. The more I’ve used them, the more dependent I have become on them. So it’s time to do something a little more permanent.

Enter the frames and the philanthropy of Warby Parker. They are to the eyeglasses industry what Tom’s are to the shoe industry. They believe glasses shouldn’t cost a fortune – so all their glasses are $95 – and they believe that everybody in the world deserves the chance to see – so they give away a pair for every pair they sell. (After helping the eye doctor on a mission trip, I can tell you first-hand how incredible it is to give someone a pair of glasses when they haven’t been able to see. Y’all, there is nothing like it!!) Though they do have a few stores nationwide, they are mainly an online company, so the way it works is that you select five pairs at a time to try on. They ship them to you postage paid, and then you return them postage paid. When you settle on a style you like, you send them your prescription and they send you the glasses you chose.

So here’s the deal. I hate making decisions about glasses. I never really know which ones look the best or even if any of them look good. Can y’all help a sister out? Here are the five frames I chose. Please leave me a comment telling me which ones I should order. Thanks bunches!

These are called FINN:


These are the PRESTONs:


And the NEDWINs:


Next is COLTON:


And finally REECE:


 So what say you? Is there a favorite? Ditch them all and start over? Thanks for the help, friends!


  1. I like the Nedwin’s the Best!!!
    Hop on by my blog I have two very lovely giveaways going on now!:-)

  2. Nedwin and Colton. Glad to know. I’ve had my exam, but not picked out any frames yet. I’ll have to check them out.

  3. Yes – Nedwins! They fit your face perfectly and are the style right now without being too trendy. You look good! And by the way, I like the color of the glasses too, and tortoise shell is my favorite!

  4. i LOVE finn & reece.. you are beautiful though — so whichever you choose will be great!

  5. Melissa Shockey says

    I vote for Reese, with nedwin in second place. I took a poll here at the lake, and all three girls said Nedwin. Meredth now wants hers to come from Warby Parker!

    • thehillhangout says

      If we weren’t leaving for the beach in the morning, she could come over and try the five that I have. They have a bazillion styles to choose from, so I know she could find some she likes.

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