The Hill Hangout by Email

One of the upgrades we installed on The Hill Hangout during our overhaul a few weeks ago was the ability to have The Hill Hangout delivered to your email inbox. You no longer have to click on our site everyday to see if we’ve written anything new. You can simply enter your email address in that little box in the right-hand sidebar that says “The Hangout by Email” and we will send an email every time there is a new post to read. Easy peasy!

Of course, if you just love visiting The Hill Hangout every day to see what we’re doing, please feel free to continue to do that. We love having you visit any way you want to get here! 🙂


  1. Very good to know! I love getting all the email alerts about new blog post!

  2. I just found this website and love the things that it offers.

  3. I forgot to check off Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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