The Hill Hangout is Getting a New ‘Do

Y’all, we’re doing some celebrating around here.

Okay, so maybe I’m celebrating a little more than you will, but come on and humor me.

I have been working with the fabulous Aimee at to give The Hill Hangout a new look!!!

While I have loved each of the looks we’ve had over the years, I have finally bitten the bullet and hired someone to design a more professional look around here. As The Hill Hangout has changed and grown, I have really needed to have someone with blog design expertise step up our look. I gave Aimee a few color schemes and a graphic choice or two, and turned her loose on the design. I absolutely LOVE what Aimee has come up with and can’t wait to see how it all comes together.

Although we’re getting a new look, everything you know and love about The Hill Hangout is still here. All of the posts are still available. The sidebars might be moves around a little, but they are still there. And most of all, the mission and purpose of The Hill Hangout will remain unchanged. I hope that the new look will serve only to make the site more organized and friendly to my dear readers. Thank you so much for coming back to The Hill Hangout day after day. I love having you share in our lives!


  1. Hi there! I saw you on the Mom’s Mingle and am excited to be your newest follower via Linky! I would love for you to follow me back at! ๐Ÿ™‚ Your family is beautiful!

  2. I have been needing to do this for a while. I just started my blog a couple of months ago (well, I actually awakened my old scrapbooking blog), and started out with a free template but I would love to have something more professional eventually.

    • thehillhangout says

      I can’t wait to see how mine turns out. It will be uploading tonight, so we can all check it out first thing in the morning! ๐Ÿ™‚

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