Southern Fried Corn

Southern Fried Corn from

Hallelujah! Papaw Hill’s garden is starting to produce corn. I absolutely adore corn season because there are so many ways you can prepare delicious sweet corn. It’s so good that it needs few other ingredients to make a terrific summer side dish. In the south, fried corn is a summer staple served at all barbecues, family reunions, and church picnics. And when you start with the freshest corn straight from the garden, it’s had to mess it up.

Start with your favorite 92 year old grandfather…

Southern Fried Corn from

Have him grow the corn in his garden.

Southern Fried Corn from

Have your saint of a father-in-law shuck 48 ears for you. Get your sister-in-law to drive 90 miles to pick it up in a cooler.

Southern Fried Corn from

Wash and de-silk 12 ears. Surely I don’t have to say it, but I will… use a CLEAN dish brush. DO NOT under any circumstances use the brush you have used to wash your dishes because that’s just gross!

Southern Fried Corn from

Using a sharp knife and a cookie sheet, cut the corn from the cobs. Just keep going around and around until you have cut every last bit of corn from the cob. You don’t want to leave any of the yumminess!

Southern Fried Corn from

When you are done cutting, you should have a nice big pile of cut corn. Stand back and admire your handiwork. Because it is work, for sure!

Southern Fried Corn from

Melt about three tablespoons of butter in a dutch oven on the stove over medium heat. Cast iron is definitely the best way to go, as it will give the corn a better flavor. Throw in the corn.

Southern Fried Corn from

You should have a nice full pot of corn. Stir it around to coat with the melted butter. Season liberally with salt and pepper. The pepper is what gives fried corn its distinct flavor, so be sure to use plenty.

Southern Fried Corn from

Cover with the lid and cook over medium heat for 30-40 minutes. Stir occasionally and add in about a half cup of water if it starts to stick to the bottom of the pot. After 30-40 minutes, remove lid and enjoy the aroma of southern fried corn. You will think you have died and gone to heaven. Serve a bowl of southern fried corn with your favorite barbecue recipe, with fried fish, with hamburger steak, or with your own favorite summer entree.


Southern Fried Corn from


  1. I can’t wait to try this! It looks delish. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I would drive just about anywhere to get those veggies;)

  3. Well, I’m a yankee and I have never even heard of fried corn….but I’m game! Looks delicious and your grandfather…..totally priceless! Following you back via linky AND email…..because I don’t love linky!! (I can never remember to manually update my posts and I’m kind of mad at them that I still have to do that!!)

    • thehillhangout says

      He is a real treasure! At 92 he’s still going strong. Goes to work almost everyday, works in the garden in the Mississippi heat, and takes care of Grandma, who is 90 and has Alzheimer’s. He’s actually my husband’s grandfather, but I’ll claim him as my own! πŸ™‚

  4. Rachel Nichols says

    Such a fun post! I can not wait to try this recipe. We love corn are during the summer we are always looking for new ways to cook it. Love your blog and the design of it. So adorable!

    • thehillhangout says

      Thanks, Rachel! I had my blog re-designed last week, so I’m super-proud of the way it turned out.

  5. Fried corn is one of my favorites. There is another recipes I use but this one looks so much easier. I will be making this sometime in the next few days.

  6. I’m a southerner, and I’ve never had fried corn. I must remedy that — stat, especially since corn is one of the only veggies my little one will eat.

    I’m a new follower, BTW.

  7. I’m a southern girl too! I had a Papaw and a Papa – Papa grew the best corn in the south – make yer tongue slap yer brains out – it was so good! πŸ˜‰ pinned – thanks for linking w Kids in the Kitchen

  8. We love fried corn around here! I put a bit of sugar in mine (because corn just isn’t sweet enough…?) and some milk.

  9. Following you from cave princess. . . what a heartwarming post. . . your grandfather makes it so special πŸ™‚

  10. I like corn in pretty much any form- I’m in! Coming to you from the blog hop… Have a good week!

  11. Yum, looks delicious!

  12. Oh yum!!

  13. What a great post! So lovely that the whole family pitches in when it comes to growing, preparing, delivering, and cooking dinner! Your corn looks delicious! Can’t wait until there’s fresh corn at the farmer’s market so I can try out your recipe!

  14. Am a Northeast Ohio person and 64 yrs. old. Was raised on fried corn by my
    mother. Like it when some of the corn is slightly brown and burnt. Gives it that slight charcoaled grilled corn flavor. It’s the best way to do this fantastic dish. Enjoy !

  15. Grandma from Kentucky made it exactly the same way with one exception…. swap the butter with bacon grease!

  16. Kitty York says

    How many will 12 ears serve?

  17. Ashley Mills Hill says

    Twelve ears will yield about six servings.


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