Spring Cleaning with Fish Foam

This is spring break week here at The Hill Hangout. We have put the homeschooling books away and taken the week off. We thought long and hard about how to spend our week o’ freedom. We considered a trip to the beach, but my folks were not going to be there. We thought about a trip to Mississippi, but in the end the girls decided to stay around Birmingham and play with their friends. We don’t get to spend nearly as much time as we’d like playing with friends because of school and ballet and church and soccer and everything else we have going on. So that’s what they wanted to do, and it sounded like a great plan to me.

One of the reasons I was so hung-ho on the girls’ plan is because I know I will have plenty of time to knock out a few projects around the house. I have a few sewing projects, some cooking to stock the freezer, and since there is yellow dust all over creation, I have some deep spring cleaning to do. Yay for Fish Foam.

Y’all, I had no idea what this stuff was until Nathan at Fish Foam emailed me to see if I’d mind trying out Fish Foam and writing a review for you all. I had to google it to see what it was. Well, it was a foam window cleaner, and boy do I have windows that need cleaning! So I quickly told Nathan that if he’d give away some of it to you all, then I’d be happy to give it a try. In the back of my mind I was thinking, “It’s window cleaner. How exciting can it be? I mean, Windex really isn’t all that fun to talk about.” Well…

Little Pitter Patter had been entertaining herself in front of one of my mirrors for a few days, and as I caught a glimpse of said mirror I was shocked at how much grime she’d gotten on it. I chuckled as I sprayed on the brand new can of Fish Foam thinking the mess would give this red can a run for it’s money. Observation #1: It was thick and foamy and didn’t run down my mirror. (hence the name Fish FOAM.) This might not sound like anything earth-shattering, but it meant that the cleaner stayed on the dirty spot, soaking in well, instead of dripping down. Observation #2: When I wiped, I was truly shocked at how clean the mirror was. It reminded me of Through The Looking Glass and made me feel like I could just step right through. It was CLEAN. Observation #3: I didn’t have to scrub away streaks. Because Fish Foam is alcohol-based instead of ammonia-based, it does not street AT ALL. Y’all, I have never had an easier time cleaning mirrors in my life. I was truly so shocked at how well it worked that I started looking around the house to find areas to try it.

Toothpaste on the bathroom mirrors: no problem.

Water marks on the dishwasher door: check.

Fingerprints on the fridge: perfect.

Glass cooktop: spotless.

30 year old windows: look like new.

The next projects I’m going to tackle are my shower door and the pollen-covered outside of my windows. I feel strongly that Fish Foam is up to the challenge.

You can order Fish Foam from their website at www.fishfoam.com. You can buy by the bottle ($4.95), by the three-pack ($13.95), or by the case (12 cans for $42.95). The fine folks at Fish Foam have graciously agreed to give away 3 three-packs to my readers. You have until Friday, March 23, 2012, at noon to enter. Fish Foam will ship to the lower 48 states only, so my winners must come from there. Here’s how you can enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me where you’ll use Fish Foam. (1 entry per person)

2. Subscribe to the RSS feed of The Hill Hangout by clicking on the orange button under “Subscribe” in the top right-hand corner of this page. (1 entry)

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Please leave a comment and for each way you’ve entered and let me know. If you don’t, your entry won’t be counted.

If you don’t win, just go ahead and order Fish Foam directly from their website. I’ll definitely be ordering more when I run out. I’m never going back to the blue stuff again!


  1. Joy Jacobsen says

    I will use it on my patio door, and what the heck ALL THE WINDOWS cause, its spring and I want to see out! I have to admit, I’m intrigued….

  2. I would use Fish Foam on the french door out to our deck where my little peeps hand prints are constantly seen! I’d also use it on the toothpaste flecks on the bathroom mirrors! I’m intrigued as well by this product!

  3. Laura Lane says

    all over the house

  4. We have only one bathroom, so that’s where Fish Foam would start ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would love to make my kitchen shine using it there as well.

  5. I ‘like’ you =)

  6. I have a glass cooktop that is a nightmare to clean! I’d love to try this on there and see how it does!

  7. I “like” your FB page!

  8. I can think of many places I’d use this, but I like the idea of trying it on the glass shower door. Nothing seems to make it look like new again. And my cooktop stove… drives me nuts to see it nasty after each use.

    I like The Hillhangout on Facebook…

    I follow your blog…

  9. Hi, I think Fish Foam may be the answer to get those puppy nose prints off our sliders. Take care.

  10. Courtney Goodwin says

    I will use Fish Foam (as yucky as it sounds) on my windows, glass doors, glass range and oven door, mirrors large and small AND those are just the places in my home… I’ll need a can for the windows at my office too!!!

  11. Courtney Goodwin says

    I commented here, subscribed to your blog and liked your facebook page. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Dana Judy says

    I think that since it is my birthday today, I should receive some free Fish Foam!! And you know that I love to clean everything!

  13. Cynthia Moss says

    I will use fish foam to clean my windows and anything else I usually use windex for.

  14. Dana Judy says

    OK, I have Pinned It, Shared a link and left a comment on the blog!! This is a really fun game!

  15. Dana Judy says

    OK, I have Pinned It, Shared a link and left a comment on the blog!! This is a really fun game! Oh, and I will use it to clean all my dirty windows!

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