Praying Scripture for Our Husbands and Children

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I’ve told you before about my precious friend and Bible study teacher Carol Anne. Not a day goes by that I don’t think about something I learned from her or walk out something she showed me. One of the basic principles that Carol Anne taught us Monday Girls is how to pray scripture. It sounds simplistic to say it now, but there was a time in my life when I didn’t know to pray using scripture. Carol Anne taught us that scripture is the inspired word of God – it is His will – and as such, it is powerful to ask Him for things He has clearly laid out as His will for us. We are asking Him to do what He’s already said He wants to do for us. Praying scripture for our husbands and children should be a big part of our prayer life.

Once we came to understand the power of praying scripture, we saw how desperately important it is to pray not only for ourselves, but also for our husbands and children. I have used Stormie Omartian’s books The Power of a Praying Wife and The Power of a Praying Parent for years as a guide in praying for my husband and children. (The order of the topics below came directly from her books.) You know about my prayer journals. I’ve had a hundred of them over the years. Well, one of my favorite things to write in those journal is scripture that applies to whatever request I’m praying for. The healing page has lots of scriptures about how Jesus healed people. The finances page has scriptures about God being our provider. And when it comes to my husband and children, my journal is full to the brim of scriptures I want to see fulfilled in their lives.

There are so many scriptures I could include here, but I wanted to give us a starting point on adding scripture to our prayer journals. Specifically, I want us to have a starting point for praying scripture over our husbands and children. Over time, as you study God’s promises on your own, you can add more verses that speak to your situations. Let’s go…

For our husbands:

Lord, give me a heart of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in every encounter with my husband. (Galatians 5:22-23)

Lord, help us to be i unity as we follow You, so that with one heart and mouth we may glorify You. May we accept one another, just as You accept us, not always trying to change the other. (Romans 15:5-7)

Lord, grant that we would be of one mind and one thought, with no divisions among us. (1 Corinthians 1:10)

Jesus, help us to be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ has forgiven us. (Ephesians 4:32)

Father, may our home and our lives together be built with Your wisdom, not relying on our own understanding. (Proverbs 24:3)

Lord, may my husband always delight in Your word and your ways. May he be a student of your word so that he will know how to lead our family. Make him to be like a tree planted by the stream of Your living water, which brings forth fruit in due season. May he never wither under pressure, but grow strong and prosper. (Psalm 1:2-3)

Jesus, may his love be sincere. May he always hate what is evil and cling to what is good. (Romans 12:9) May he never repay evil with evil, but live at peace with everyone. (Romans 12:17-18) May he not be overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. (Romans 12:21)

Lord, may he not dwell on negative things, but instead let him dwell on whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, lovely, admirable, excellent or praiseworthy. Let him be caught up in those things. (Philippians 4:8)

Father, make clear to him at all times the path his career should take. You have gifted him with a calling and a purpose, so show him how to walk in it. (1 Corinthians 7:7 & 17)

Jesus, surround my husband with godly friends who can sharpen him as iron sharpens iron. (Proverbs 27:17)

And now, for our children:

Lord, I pour out my heart like water in Your presence. I lift my hands toward You for the lives of my young children. (Lamentations 2:19)

Jesus, help me to not provoke my children to anger, but instead to bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. (Ephesians 6:4)

Lord, teach them to honor their daddy and me in order that things may go well with them and that they may enjoy long lives. (Ephesians 6:1-3)

Jesus, I pray that you will dwell in their hearts through faith. And that they grasp how wide and long and deep and high is Your love for them. May they know that Your love surpasses knowledge, and may they be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. (Ephesians 3:17-19)

Lord, may they dwell in the shelter of the Most High and rest in the shadow of the Almighty. May they call on You to be their refuge and fortress. May they trust in You. Surely You will save them from the fowler’s snare. Cover them with Your feathers. May Your faithfulness be their shield. Though a thousand may fall at their side, ten thousand at their right hand, may it not come near them. Lord, command Your angels concerning them, to guard them in all their ways. Lord, deliver them when they are in trouble. (Psalm 91)

Father, we know that it is Your desire that all people are saved and come to the knowledge of truth. May our girls come to You early and have a long life of serving You. (1 Timothy 2:3-4)

Lord, grant that my girls would always get along with each other and have a strong relationship. (Psalm 133:1)

Father, teach my children how to use the gifts You have so graciously given them to serve Your people, faithfully administering Your grace. (1 Peter 4:10)

Jesus, may my children never have a judgmental heart toward others. May they never criticize or look down on anyone for any reason. May they cast out harsh thoughts about Your children, never speaking them aloud. (Matthew 7:1-5)

When the time comes for them to build their own families, may they build it only on the solid foundation of Jesus Christ, that it may not fall. (Matthew 7:24-25)

Praying scripture for our husbands and children can be a powerful force in effecting good in their lives. Do you have scriptures that you pray over your family? I’d love to hear them! And you can read our other posts about praying scriptures for Healing and Your Family’s Protection to get more scriptures.


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