Joss & Main Bedding

I follow what seems like a million of the join-and-buy sites that offer everything from children’s clothing to home furnishings, but I’m not sure I’ve ever bought from a single one of them. Until today.

I’ve been following Joss & Main for a while, and they have some very lovely home furnishings for great prices. Today I decided to glance through their site, and I found the perfect bedding for Pitter Patter’s room! I can’t tell you how excited I am about this because I have been paralyzed by perfection in her room. I haven’t been able to find the PERFECT bedding, so I just haven’t bought anything. And the poor girl has been sleeping with sheets and blankets for way too long. I was really beginning to feel bad about it because her room looks pitiful. However, I now have this beautiful Ferran-New York bedding on the way:

(Sorry about the tiny pics. That’s the best I could do!!)

I ordered the duvets and the shams. Once the room comes together a little better, I’ll post pics. The bedding was only a part of what needs to be done in her room. Next up – fabric headboards and draperies. We’re making progress. Maybe I’ll have it finished before she outgrows it! Haha!

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