Easy Peasy Roman Shade

Part of our kitchen reno a few weeks ago was to remove the soffits above our cabinets, using the extra space to raise our cabinets to the ceiling. This left a space above our kitchen window which had once been wood-paneled soffit. Perfect spot to bring in a little color and texture with fabric!

I got lucky ducky and found a piece of fabric I loved at Premier Fabrics in Meridian, Mississippi, for $4.00 per yard. Actually, I ran into my friend Amanda while at Premier and she showed me this great fabric in the clearance room that she was considering for a shower curtain in her children’s bathroom, and I promptly snatched up a yard and a half of it for my own space. The colors were perfect, the design was fun, and there was enough for both of us to have plenty for our projects.

Now, I’m not a seamstress. I hardly know the basics of sewing enough to limp by on a project like draperies. But I knew I wanted a classic Roman shade, and I’d seen lots of tutorials on Pinterest and blogs about how easy they are. I followed Darby’s tutorial most closely, but actually went with a combination of several different methods. The most helpful and time-saving tip I found was to use tension rods to make the pleats. Shazam! That genius idea saved me a ton of money, a ton of sewing, and a ton of frustration. And they keeps the pleats from sagging in the middle. Here’s how it turned out:


  1. I love it!! I also have to ask, did you take the cabinet doors off or did they come like that? We are currently considering what to do in our kitchen. I love our cabinets, even though they are not new there is something charming about them and they are in good shape and I don’t want a new configuration…but I am considering removing a couple of doors…

    • thehillhangout says

      Hi, Theresa! Yes, we took the doors off. I wanted some open shelving, and those two cabinets seemed to be the most obvious places. So, down came the does, and I have enjoyed the open feel. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Very impressive!!! I hate to sew, but I usually make my own curtains to save money. I’m getting so many great ideas and recipes from pinterest. Love it!!!


  3. loving your kitchen! you make removing soffets and raising up cabinets sound so easy!

    • thehillhangout says

      Well, it WAS easy for me… since we had a contractor do it. 🙂 He just built an additional cabinet to go on top of the existing ones and we added new full-height doors. Sounds easy, but the behind-the-scenes of building the toppers is definitely only for people with more skills than me! Thanks for stopping by.

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