Mid-Century Modern Perfection

Is there a particular style of architecture or interior design that you adore, but that you know would never work for you and your family? Mine is mid-century modern. I love it, but with small kiddos who aren’t perfect at putting their toys away, we’d never be able to keep a minimalist space uncluttered. Maybe it’s based out of my aversion to clutter, maybe it’s a desire to streamline my life, maybe it’s my penchant for having things organized and in the right place, but the simplicity and open spaces and connection to nature of a mid-century modern home draws me in every time. Here is a fabulous example of mid-century perfection I found on houzz.com for you to enjoy.

The Kerchum Family’s Residence in the Dunbar section of Vancouver:

LEED Platinum Home contemporary exterior

The landscaping and landscape lighting give this home fabulous curb appeal!

front landscape modern exterior

So I’d love for the furniture to be a little more raised off the ground, but the neutral palate and pops of color are fantastic. The lack of fussy lines is relaxing. And the huge expanse of counter space on that island in the kitchen? Oh my! And double ovens!!

open living/dinning room contemporary living room

There is so much light in the master bathroom! And plenty of storage to hide away the stuff so that the space remains clutter-free and minimalist.

modern master bathroom contemporary bathroom

The dining room is perfect. It has everything you need in a dining room. Nothing more, nothing less.

Natural Balance Home Builders contemporary living room

Love the use of so much glass in this house. It makes the space feel open and airy, and it allows plenty of light into the rooms.

Floating Stairs modern staircase

I can only imagine the fabulous parties and late-night family hangouts that occur in this terrific rooftop deck. And since the home is in Vancouver, the outdoor fireplace would be a must!

Roof Top Deck modern patio

As this home is a very green home, there are many eco-friendly features. The rooftop gardens not only give color and texture to the exterior, but provide lovely views from inside the home. And since they are located on the rooftops, they would provide additional insulation to the home.

Green Roofs contemporary landscape


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