A Prayer For God’s Divine Protection

In the last 24 hours several things have happened among different friends that have caused us all to rally around sick or injured friends, crying out to God for His divine protection and healing. And right on time (as usual), when I opened my new Lutheran Book of Prayer this morning, here is what God led me to pray:

“O just and faithful God and heavenly Father, I praise and honor you from the depths of my heart that You have allowed
me to rest and sleep soundly this past night and that through Your fatherly love, You have awakened me again refreshed and healthy. It is my heartfelt prayer that You would graciously protect me, together with my dear family and all Christians, from all evil and danger to the body and to the soul, that everyday I may be found in Your will. I commend myself, my body and soul, heart, intellect, will, and thoughts, all my efforts, my life and death, and everything that I am and have, into Your divine protection. May Your holy angels be and remain by me, that no misfortune of body or soul may assail me. This grant me for the sake of Jesus Christ, Your dear Son. Amen”

Such a great reminder that God’s protection and healing through Jesus Christ is who keeps us healthy and safe. And when we are ill or injured, He alone brings restoration. I pray His divine protection over your bodies and souls today, dear friends.


  1. please pray that SM remains protected from all evil works and dysfunctional events in life. please pray that SM stays protected.

    • Michelle Roberts says

      Please pray for restoration and me my house And my family also.my boys needs protection and favor on their lives.please keep them in your prayers jvante willis.my son has a court date on this month i ask for divine favor.with God and man.with this situation.also a better job for my son’s.jhaquae willis for increase in his finance.protection for him and his kids.prayer for james willis.my oldest son pray for God’s love to fill his heart and heal his mind also from past hurts.peace in my mom’s home pertaining him.he is so angry.keep me in prayer my name is Michelle Roberts i desire marriage.this year and protection also God’s favor.i desire to purchase me my own home this year.and divine favor.also restoration.please pray God’s restore my relationship back with my friend timothy robinson.also he needs salvation and deliverance.and to break witchcraft off his life and mind.and hate that’s in tim heart.

  2. Ugbala Collins says

    Oh Lord please heal my Uncle and my brother forgive them their sins and heal them in Jesus Name, Amen,,,

  3. Joc Willis says

    I ask that you Pray for me and my family for guidance as a young man how do I do this guide my foot steps.

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