We’ve been on the go so much this Christmas season that I haven’t done a lot of blog writing. I thought I’d catch you up by participating in Jeanett’s InstaFriday, a fun meme she holds at Life Rearranged. While I haven’t had a lot of time for editing photos from my big camera, I have snapped quite a few fun shots with my iPhone. Hope you enjoy!

We’ve been no slackers this year when it comes to Christmas baking. We’ve made Oreo balls, pound cake, homemade Almond Joy candies, sausage balls, and lots and lots of nuts and bolts.

The girls and I gathered a few friends for a Tour of Christmas Lights. Although we saw some really great homes that went ALL OUT, this house definitely won the blue ribbon!

We have gotten to know several of our neighbors this year, which has made this Christmas so special. We have received several Christmas cards and baked goodies. The girls were treated to ToysRUs gift cards from our next door neighbors. The other night I opened the door to see this precious face on our door step.

Molly belongs to our back yard neighbors – new medical residents at UAB. They brought over a tray of brownies and the girls got a big kick out of seeing Molly dressed as Santa.

Speaking of those ToysRUs gift cards, the girls could not wait to spend them. We ran out the door to try to beat the crowd, even though it was looking like rain outside. To say we got caught in the downpour is a bit of an understatement. We got drenched to the bone.

Of course, these two thought it was a hoot that Mommy got so wet. Mary Anneliese said, “Mommy, your hair looks funny because it is so flat. It’s usually so big!” Yes, that’s me. A child of the 80s.

A couple of years ago we ran out of room for our Christmas cards. As our friends and family grew, we simply didn’t have enough room to display all of the precious photos we received and we needed a new solution. Somebody came up with the idea of putting them on the tree in our den. We’ve done that ever since, and I have to say, it has become my favorite tree in the house. I love seeing the bright, happy faces everyday.

This sweet potato has been wanting to choose her own clothes lately. While I can’t always go along with her choices (like wearing a swimsuit when it’s 45 degrees), I do give in occasionally. She chose her own pajamas one night, and I couldn’t help but laugh. She is her own person, fur sure!

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