Plates, Platters, and Whatnot

Y’all know I love a good deal, and when I find one I always want to pass it on to you all, my faithful bloggy friends. One Kings Lane has a fabulous deal today that I think is so darn cute!

You’ve probably seen these melamine plates and platters before, but the deal offered at One Kings Lane makes them a steal. The platters are $29 and the matching plates come in sets of four for $69. My personal favorite is the Navy, closely followed by the Bamboo. But you can’t lose with any of them!

The Preppy Plates Arbor Platter in Navy and the matching set of plates:

Their Bamboo platter and the plate set:

And their Mod platter and the plates:

The deal only lasts until 11/17. so don’t dilly-dally.

See, I told you you’d love them.

You’re welcome.


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