Artichoke Bread

Pinterest strikes again! I came across this recipe for artichoke bread the other day, and it looked fabulous. It originally came from a food blog I’d not heard of before, but Closet Cooking is definitely on my radar now. The site was full of delicious looking recipes.

So I made the artichoke bread to go with Navy Bean Chicken Chili, which I have been craving since the weather turned a little cooler. It was yummo! I’ll definitely keep this recipe on hand and use it often. It would be fantastic for parties, tailgating, or as an appetizer.

There is a fine balance when you blog about somebody else’s recipe. I always want you to have enough info so that you see how delicious in looks, but don’t want to plagiarise. It’s just not very nice to copy other people’s recipe without making you visit their site (that’s sort of why they spend so much time writing and photographing and editing), so I’ll jut give you the ingredient list and then you can check out the directions on Closet Cooking’s site. Sound fair?

Artichoke hearts
Green onions
Cream cheese
Sour cream
Parmigiano reggiano
Italian bread

You can’t go wrong with ingredients like that! This recipe took me about 10 minutes to prapare, so it is something you can do for a quick weeknight dinner. Let me know if you and your family enjoy it. And I’m sure Closet Cooking would love to hear from you, too.

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