My Tiny Dancers

These two sweet girls started ballet this week. For my little peanut, it was her first dance class ever. She was beyond excited to go. I was so proud of her because she went right in with her teacher and had a great time. Of course, I was like a stalker at the door trying to sneak a peek without her seeing me. Where was my periscope when I needed it? (Just kidding, I don’t really have a periscope. But wouldn’t it have been cool if I did?) Those sweet three year olds were just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

My big girl started her 6th year on Tuesday. I cannot even fathom how she is old enough to have been dancing for six years!! My mind just won’t wrap around that. But nonetheless, it’s true. I have loved every minute of her time at the Briarwood Ballet! She has learned so much about dance, but more importantly she has learned that we dance to worship the One who gave us dance. She works so incredibly hard to perfect her steps. The disciplines she has learned at Briarwood are ones that I pray she will continue to carry into other areas of her life.

Dance for the King, little ones!

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