Just Sitting In My Car

I have been through hurricanes before. I don’t know why I didn’t see this on coming. Despite warnings about Hurricane/Tropical Storm/Tropical Depression Lee, it never occurred to me that it would get too bad in Birmingham. However, Monday afternoon we found ourselves once again riding out a storm. The rain came in torrents and the wind gusted. We heard loud cracks as trees around us were uprooted and fell to the ground. This time it seemed like it lasted forever. For those of you who don’t live in tornado/hurricane alley, let me explain. Riding out a tornado can be much like riding out a hurricane, except that usually a tornado outbreak is over and done in a few minutes/hours. A hurricane can take hours, even days, to pass. Such was the case with Lee. He took his own sweet time about moving through Birmingham, dumping 8 inches of rain, causing streets and homes to flood, snapping trees in half or uprooting them completely. And, of course, along with the storms comes the power outages. You haven’t heard much from me because I don’t currently have power to turn on my computer. It’s been out since last Monday, and the estimates are that it will not be back on until tomorrow around 1:00. I’m hopeful that the power company trucks I saw in my neighborhood mean that we will be restored much sooner. We are so very thankful that the storm brought much cooler temperatures. It has been hovering around seventy degrees instead of the 100+ degree days we had last week. What a relief!

At present, I am enjoying sitting in my car while my big girl has soccer practice and my little one is at home with her daddy cleaning our yard. It’s nice to have a few minutes to sit in the quiet and check email and write to you. Hope you are all safe and staying warm and dry wherever you are!

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