Problem Solved!

Over a year and a half ago I came to you all with a really HUGE problem. Do you remember my tale of angst and woe when Williams-Sonoma discontinued my beloved Olive Oil Hand Soap? I know that you’ve all been staying awake at night wondering how to help a sister out in her time of trouble. Well, I just wanted you to know that not only is my problem solved, but it is indeed made BETTER!

The other day Jonathan and the girls and I were strolling through Target when I spotted something that required a second look.

Who knew that Caldrea makes an Olive Oil Hand Soap? But y’all, it cannot be just any Olive Oil Hand Soap. I have become an Olive Oil Hand Soap snob, and I can tell the difference between the knock-off and the real deal. I unscrewed the top in great anticipation.


It’s the same soap!!

No kidding, the same company must make it and package it for both Caldrea and Williams-Sonoma. And the best part? At W-S, whom I adore, I paid $17.00 for it. Target sells the Caldrea brand for $7.99. Whoop!

I knew you’d all be so happy for me. And now that you don’t have to worry about my little problem anymore, just think of how much time you can devote to solving the rest of the world’s troubles!!

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