Women of Faith: Session 2

I wish I had time to tell you all about the messages we’ve been hearing at Women of Faith Atlanta. I’ll have to wait to do that until I have more time to write. But I wanted to show you quickly what a darling worship team we’ve been privileged to hear from today.

Aren’t they just the cutest things you’ve ever seen?!? They look like they just stepped out of a fashion magazine. And they are worshipping their heart out with us. Worship and looking really cute – two things that go great together.

This is Jenifer Thigpen. She is a doll, and when she’s on stage she looks a lot like Cameron Diaz. Notice the pink jeans. I die. And she wore two different greys together. I could never pull that off in a million years!

Janice Gaines is precious and had on the most gorgeous chandelier earrings I’ve ever seen!

Laura Cooksey was rocking it in a really cue flowy top with wide belt. So very hip!

And this tiny thing is Allison Abbot. Allison is the skinniest thing I’ve ever seen… AND SHE JUST HAD A BABY!!!

Seriously, these women are fabulous and it’s evident that they love the Lord with all their hearts.

I’m off to session 3. Back later with more!


  1. […] Do y’all remember this darling face from one of my recent posts? […]

  2. […] Do y’all remember this darling face from one of my recent posts? […]

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