Liberty Cup

Our first soccer tournament was a blast! As many years as MA has played soccer, we have never played in a tournament before. Y’all, we had a ball. It was HOT and tiring sitting in the sun for two days on the turf fields, but I wouldn’t have missed watching my #1 girl play her heart out for anything.

My girl and her friend were team captains in one game.

I am so proud of these young ladies. They were just plain out-played by all three teams they played against. But they never stopped giving it their all. They played HARD and showed how much character they have.

These girls are troopers! They work extremely hard in practice four and a half hours each week. Their commitment to their teammates is incredible. I’m so glad to have the chance to get to know them and be a part of this season with them!

#25’s Biggest Fan


  1. Brad and I just looked at Tucker’s baby book, then checked my reader and saw these pics…I’m teary! He just said you know before long MA is gonna say, “Can y’all not call me Bitty?”… She’s growing up, he’s growing up.

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