We Went to Camp

Last week my big girl and I had the opportunity to go with about 75 other 3rd and 4th graders from our church to children’s camp. We had a fabulous experience on gorgeous Lake Martin, one of the most relaxing and beautiful spots in Alabama. We had Bible study, worship time, and of course lots of super fun activities.

Our camp pastor, Michael, brought the Word to these kids several times. He was so good at preaching to their level. We talked about our responsibility to bring Christ to the world. Pretty heavy stuff for 9 and 10 year olds, but Pastor Michael challenged them well.

While worship and learning to serve was the main focus of children’s camp, we also had a lot of fun. The camp sits on Lake Martin, so water sports abound.

MA was excited to try tubing for the first time. I wasn’t sure my tentative child would actually follow through. She and her friend Lucy decided to watch other kids do it first to see how it’s done.

In the end they decided to be brave and give it a try. Of course, they had a ball and didn’t want to get off!

Horseback riding was another favorite of the activities. After teaching the kids how to handle the horses, the guides led us on a nice, long trail ride through the woods. It was a beautiful, relaxing (although blazing HOT) ride.

I am so thankful for a church that supports children’s ministry so much! My girls are blessed beyond measure to get the opportunities to learn, worship, serve and build community with their sweet church friends! And we have so much FUN doing it!


  1. Lottie Nunnelly says

    Some of my boys’ favorite memories (and Mark’s and mine!) are from Children/Preteen camps!

  2. My sister’s family has a lakehouse on Lake Martin. It’s a beautiful area. As a fellow Alabamian, I’m enjoying reading through your blog and looking for new attractions to visit!

    • thehillhangout says

      Thanks, Debbie! I’m not sure why I’m just now seeing your comment, but yes! Alabama has so much to offer! Sometimes you have to know where to look for the treasures, but I love our state and wouldn’t live anywhere else! (Although I do love my husband’s home state of Mississippi as well and spent a great 13 years living there.)

  3. Katherine A says

    This looks so much fun. We’re on a christian camp next week too. No water as at yours. But our first time with 7 of us in tent. I’m quite excited to know how I’ll cope with the catering side of things.

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