VBS 2011

The time has come, at long last. My girls and I have been waiting and preparing for VBS for weeks now, and it all started this morning. VBS is one of our favorite weeks of the year!

Roughly 1200 kids will descend on Shades Mountain Baptist Church this week eager to hear the stories about Jesus. Our education minister told us this week that VBS is the single largest evangelistic outreach of the Southern Baptist Convention, and that more children will decide to become Christians this week than in any other time during the year. Doesn’t that make every bag of cookies, craft project, and minute spent outside in recreation worth it?

Mary Anneliese was excited to see that she was in a class with most of her friends this morning. Her teachers are both friends of mine who were so glad to have her in their classes. Pitty Pat has precious teachers, too and I know they are both going to have a fun week.

I’m teaching crafts again this year for first through fifth grades. We got off to a great start today! Today we had third, fourth and fifth graders, and our precious Hand-in-Hand kids (special needs ministry). The craft went over well, we had all the supplies we needed, everybody seemed to enjoy what we made, and it was pretty flawless. Hope the rest of the week goes as smoothly.

Sorry about the phone picture — I left my camera in the car, and we move so quickly from one class to the next that I never had time to go get it. Look for more pics tomorow!

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