The Great Summer Reading Giveaway #1

Alrighty, blog readers! As promised, here is the first in a series of fantstic summer reading giveaways. Summer is the BEST time of year to catch up on those titles you’ve been wanting to read. Now is the time to stock up your library! There are several ways to enter, and you can receive multiple entries by completing any of the following:

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I will compile all entries and randomly select a winner using on Tuesday, June 21. If this particular book isn’t your cup of tea, please check back often. We have LOTS of books to give away over the next few weeks.

Our first giveaway is for a new book by Greg Wright called Daddy Dates. It’s the story of one guy who came to the realization that God had made him daddy to four young girls, and he had NO IDEA how to do that job successfully. He deeply wanted to know his children intimately, but realized he knew little more than their best friend’s name and their favorite color. He desperately needed a plan! He recalled the time spent courting their mother, how he’d longed to know everything about her, and realized he could use the same ideas to win the hearts of his girls. Thirteen years ago he began the tradition known in the Wright household as Daddy Dates.

Now, before you shrug this book off as just another parenting book, let me assure you that it is anything but. Greg Wright has written an incredibly practical idea-packed book about using everything in your toolbox to engage your girls. Greg is a pretty funny guy, and his writing style makes this a fun read. But besides being fun, this book will change the course that your relationship with your daughter is on. It’s all about how to pursue a relationship with her that will allow Dad to be the go-to man in her life until the time she is handed off to her husband. He speaks candidly and humorously about dating, puberty, self-image, fears, dreams, and a dad’s role in his family. He’s an average guy who has screwed up plenty, so his advice is from the heart and definitely NOT preachy. However, he does speak with wisdom, albeit presented in a cool way, about how important a dad’s role is in the successfully navigating the pre-teen and teenage years with his daughter.

Dads, your role in your daughter’s success in life cannot be understated. You are THE man in her life from birth until she is married. Yes, that’s a HUGELY overwhelming thought, but Greg Wright’s ideas and advice can take some of the pressure off. He tells you exactly how to do it! He gives insight into different personality types and how to navigate each one. He gives a list of date ideas that will get your girls opening up to you so that you can indeed take on the role God has given you as their leader. He shows you how to build trust with your daughters so that they can come to you about anything and everything.

Dads, here’s the essence of the book: Do you want to be the go-to guy for your girls? Greg Wright tells you how to accomplish it. You don’t want to miss out on this life-changing book! Whether you are a dad who wants to plug in more to your daughter’s life, a stepdad who needs to really get to know the heart of this new-to-you daughter, a divorced dad who doesn’t get as much time as you’d like with your girl, or a dad doing his best and just needs a few more ideas, this book is for you.


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