Saturday Excitement

The Hill Four started our Saturday morning doing a little work with Daddy at Lakefest on Lake Logan Martin. After sweating to death in the heat (and it was only 10:00) we swung by Bass Pro Shop on our way home. We don’t have reason to go in there often because my husband isn’t really the hunting or fishing kind, but today he needed a shirt, so we stopped in. That place is like a mini-theme park to my children. They started out in the boat showroom.

I think Pitter Patter “drove” every boat in the place.

Mary Anneliese was content to lie in the sun and let someone chauffeur her around. She’s her mama’s child, for sure!

After the boats, we moved to the ATVs. Much to their mama’s dismay, I think my girls would actually love mud riding on a four wheeler.

Of course, nothing beats the shooting range!

Bass Pro Shop brings out the country in my little girls. While I might not be totally comfortable with that, I guess a little country never hurt anybody 😉

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