100 Best Dishes: Heaton Pecan Farm’s Pecan Pie

Boy, this is a hard writing gig…all this eating pecan pie and cheese biscuits and other delightful dishes 😉 Seriously, my girls and my husband and I have had the best time trying out the fabulous dishes in our journey to eat all 100 Best Dishes in Alabama. Of course, many of these dishes are not new to us – we have loved Alabama food for a LONG time and many on the list are our personal favorites as well. But we have also discovered some really delightful new dishes that we’d never tried before. This week we were introduced to Heaton Pecan Farm and their oh-so-yummy pecan pie.

While I’m not usually a huge fan of pecan pie (I much prefer lemon thank-you-very-much), I was pretty impressed with the Heaton’s pie. The crust was homemade and perfectly cooked. The filling was syrupy sweet and just the right texture – not to runny or sticky. And the pecans were the best part. They were meaty and delicious, without even a hint of bitterness. The Heaton’s make a good pie, y’all.

I’m sorry that’s the best picture I got of my piece of pie. It really was much more delectable than that picture represents. You see, the sweet little lady who cut it for me had the most gosh-awful time trying to get it out of the pan. It was a new pie, and mine was the first cut piece. Any of you who have ever tried to get the first piece of pie know that it’s darn near impossible to have the first piece look pretty. She apologized profusely that my pie didn’t look good. I made such a fuss about her not worrying about it, that I didn’t have the heart to pull out my big camera in front of her for fear of making her even more upset about it, so I just took a quick shot with my phone when she wasn’t looking. If she knew I was showing it all over the internet, she’d probably die of embarassment, but honestly, the pie tasted just as good in two pieces as it would have in one.

When we pulled up I saw a sign advertising that Heaton’s will ship their items to you. On their website, you can order pies, bulk pecans, fudge, or some of the most decadent-looking candies made from their pecans.

We also saw that they ship Belgian waffles, and we got to watch the ladies making those through a glass window that looks directly into their kitchen.

Heaton Pecan Farm is located in Clanton, Alabama, at exit 208 on I-65. If you are headed to the beach and want a sweet treat for the trip, stop by Heaton and enjoy a piece of pie.

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