Vida Bogota

We have dear friends who left the United States last year to become missionaries to Bogota, Columbia. Actually, since they are originally from Bogota, I guess I should say that they left the mission field in the US to return home to plant a church. Manuel and Sandra Zarate had been in the US for 20+ years, so it was no easy decision to uproot their three boys and return to life in Columbia. While in the States, Manuel was an apologist, traveling to corporations, universities, and other spots all over the world bringing the message of Christ. But God was calling them to move back to Bogota to plant a church, so they obeyed and followed Him there.
After months and months of planning, praying, advertising, networking, and talking it up, they launched Vida Bogota. Last Sunday was their first Sunday to hold services. I’m so proud of them!
Just like in any church, the janitorial work must be done in order to hold services. They had to scrub down chairs so that everyone would have a seat.
And, of course, there is technical/AV work to be done.
Pens and welcome packets are ready!
They’ve spread the word in any way possible.
And the people came! LOTS of people.
I don’t know what Manuel shared, but he is one of the most gifted preacher/teachers I know. He can share the Word in a way that is straight-forward and understandable. Wish we could have heard him!
You keep Vidabogota in your prayers, would you? The Zarates have few Christians in their area, and most who call themselves Christians have never been taught the real gospel, but rather a distorted non-scriptural message. They are about to have their eyes opened to the wonder of Jesus Christ!

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