Digging Out

I haven’t posted much since the horrific tornadoes ravaged our state last week. The storms themselves, and then the aftermath have occupied most of my time. We were without power/phone/cable/computers until Thursday afternoon. Once they came on, we put every one of our major appliances to work! The dishwasher ran two loads of dishes that had stacked up. The washing machine and dryer ran non-stop for hours. The fridge and freezer were cleaned out and reloaded. The floors were vacuumed. The hairdryers took a turn. It’s a wonder we didn’t blow a fuse. Our power meter was spinning, and I’m sure we made up for the power we didn’t use while it was out! It’s a blessing to be able to do those things, and I realize so many are not able to use the conveniences we have.

Once our house and family were back in order, I spent a couple of days at the Christian Service Mission. Tracy Hipps and his team have that place running like a well-oiled machine. They receive and send out truckloads of goods every hour, all going to storm-damaged areas across our state. You wouldn’t believe the volume of aid going into and out of that place. Today the girls and I ran by there to pick up a load of drinks for a church in Hueytown, and they loaded me down with Gatorade, Powerade, juice, and even threw in some baby food and bottles. When I pulled into Cross Roads Baptist Church with the load they gave me, the workers were so excited! They off loaded it from my car and loaded it straight onto trailers headed to Walkers’ Chapel and Concord. It didn’t even make it into the church before it was shipped out to people who need it.

The girls and I are planning to go back out tomorrow after we get a little school work done. There is such great need all around us that it is hard to sit home and go on with life as usual. Our neighbors are going to need help getting back on their feet for a long while.

If you are looking for a dedicated ministry to give to that is efficiently getting help to people in need, please consider the Christian Service Mission. I have seen first hand how much good they are doing!

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