Book #5 Farmer Boy

Y’all, we have rediscovered the magic that is Laura Ingalls Wilder. I devoured these books when I was a young girl, and now Mary Anneliese is just as in love with them as I was. We read Little House in the Big Woods a couple of years ago. At the time, we had not yet studied anything about pioneer life in history, so she didn’t really understand the book. What can I say? She was probably six. But now that she’s three years older and we have been studying westward expansion in history, she has a foundation from which to understand what is going on. Besides, nine is much more mature than six!!

Farmer Boy is the second in the series of Little House books. It is the story of Almanzo Wilder and his family, who live on a large successful farm in New York. In this book, Almanzo is ten years old and is maturing enough to have real responsibility around the farm.  Farmer Boy is the book that sets the stage for what life on a large farm is really like. Each chapter is devoted to a different job that must be accomplished from breaking the oxen, to planting the fields, to attending the little school house, to husking corn, to cutting ice blocks. They have been a fantastic way to learn about farm life and what it was really like, which is why this book is a classic.

The Little House books are good, clean, classic literature for children. We can’t wait to start on Little House on the Prairie next!

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