A Mother’s Day Garden Party

I found out a couple of weeks ago that my mother and my mother-in-law would both be in town for Mother’s Day, thanks to my little one’s ballet Saturday night, and I wanted to do something really fun and special to celebrate. As I mentioned in my previous post, the idea of a back yard garden party sounded like fun, so we went with it. The weather was perfect – a mere 83 degrees! Haha! Seriously, though it was a little hot, the sky was clear and the sun was shining.
I was so excited to get to spend the day with these ladies. They are all such a blessing to me! (That’s my mom on the left, followed by moi, my sister-in-law Cecily, and my mother-in-law.)
We set the tables up right in the middle of our “soccer field”, and it turned out just lovely!

Pardon our redneck folding chairs that don’t match. And the white bed sheets that are moonlighting as tablecloths. And the fact that the table cover (aka piece of polka dot fabric that I pulled out of my sewing closet that isn’t really a sewing closet because I don’t sew) isn’t even on straight.
My girls made cards and paper flowers. My husband put small gifts at each mother’s place.

Is there anything that makes me happier than gerbera daisies in bright colors? I think not.

I didn’t dare leave the food to the guys! However, I did manage to come up with a menu that could be done in advance so that I could enjoy the day as well. My darling little nephew Jon David had to sneak a bite – a growing boy gets hungry! We got a good laugh when he took a bite, decided he didn’t like it, and put it back in the basket.

There were chicken salad croissants.

And roasted veggie pasta.
Crunchy romaine salad

And fruit parfaits
Everyone came over after church, and we enjoyed day!

The sun was bright, but my father-in-law managed to find a hat.

And my sweet nephew Tucker found some really rocking sunglasses. You can only get away with this look if you’re five and really, really cute!
After lunch, the ladies sat on the porch and visited while the guys cleaned up. It was the best part of the day, in my opinion! They also cleaned the kitchen. Why can’t it be Mother’s Day everyday?!?

Hope you had a very special Mother’s Day with your own family!
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  1. Oh my…what a party!! Looked amazing…

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