Pitter Patter Goes to the Gym

I followed Pitter Patter into the gym for her gymnastics lesson today. Since next week is her last lesson before summer, I wanted to catch a few quick shots of her friends and her as they did their tumbling. They are all three or four years old, and Mrs. Jessa is very patient and kind with them. She has been a great teacher for Patterson, pulling her out of her shell and getting her to willingly participate. They warm up with a little stretching.
They wait quietly and patiently for their instructions.

And Mrs. Jessa is always close by to help out. Poor little Pitter Patter has her mama’s upper arm strength, which is NOT MUCH! We have worked all year on holding herself up with her own strength. She has improved a lot, but still needs a little help on the parallel bars.

We know we need a break from the crazy busyness of the school year, but we sure do hate to stop gymnastics for the summer. Both of my girls have had a blast this year doing their thing in the gym. It’s amazing how far they have come in a few short months. When we started Patterson was in the Mommy and Me class where I went in with her, and she would not have done it otherwise. Now she has moved up to a bigger class where she does it all by herself. She has LOVED it!

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