Happy Saturday

Big J and I took the girls to the zoo today. It was a cool but gorgeous day in Birmingham – quite a stark contrast to yesterday’s stormy weather. Perfect for hanging out for a little while at the zoo. We got there early enough to check out the sea lion performance.
Of course, sister girl had to take some snacks.


We have a new exhibit that the zoo has been working on for a sweet forever. The grand opening of Trails of Africa isn’t until next weekend, but they had it open today for a sneak peak.


They have two ginormous, stinky elephants.


And some equally stinky rhinos.
And a cool play area where kiddos can play these African drums.


It was a fun day. In other news, we are trying to eat healthier around this house. Tonight I needed a low-calorie dinner, and this one was very yummy. I made a spinach salad with grilled apples, mushrooms, and a balsamic vinaigrette. I’ve never grilled apples before, but grilling them really brings out the sweetness.
I grilled a flounder fillet with Old Bay seasoning and served it with whole grain penne. I used about two tablespoons of spaghetti sauce and garlic powder on the noodles. It was very fresh and filling. And best of all it was only 438 calories for the entire meal.


Hope y’all had a blessed Saturday!

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