Happy Easter!

We had a great weekend celebrating the Risen Savior! Easter is absolutely my favorite weekend, because it is the whole gospel in a few short days. I love the sorrow of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. While I don’t necessarily enjoy the introspection into my sin-filled heart, I do like the confession and cleansing from it that follows. It leads to such a sweet, victorious celebration on Sunday morning.
We celebrated this Easter much like Easters past. We attended the Maundy Thursday service at church, where we read scripture, sang songs of examination, and received the Lord’s Supper. On Sunday, we woke to a beautiful Easter morning. The girls opened their Easter baskets. We ate a quick breakfast. Then we headed off to church. What a day of celebrating our Risen King!
After church, we had a low-calorie, low-fat Easter lunch (yes, it can be done!). And then we spent the rest of the day playing outside with the girls. We hunted eggs, jumped on the trampoline, played soccer, washed cars, and Jonathan even did a little yard work.
Hope you enjoyed your Easter day!

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