Field Trip With Daddy: Sun Studios

A few weeks ago, while we were in Memphis at the homeschooling conference, Jonathan and Mary Anneliese took a few little side trips while I was in workshops. Of course, since we were in Memphis, they wanted to get a feel for the music industry. If it could involve Elvis it would be all the better. They found it…
Sun Studios hasn’t always been known as the famous recording studio that it is today. In fact, long before it was the birthplace of rock and roll, it was known as Memphis Recording Services. Sam Phillips opened the recording studio in 1950, following a life-long dream of record producing. He had no experience with producing music, and the studio struggled in its beginnings to stay in business. In order to stay afloat, they recorded conventions, weddings and other events. They would also, for a small fee, allow walk-in customers to make their own records. Their slogan was “We Record Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.”
It was in August of 1953 that a shy young Elvis Presley walked in with his dime store guitar and told receptionist Marion Keisker that he’d like to make a record. Legend has it that she asked him what kind of singer he was. He replied, “I sing all kinds.” When she pressed him to define his style by comparing himself to a famous singer, he replied, “I don’t sound like nobody.”
Of course, it would take a couple of more years for Elvis to gain national exposure as a recording artist, and once that fire started, he was the King of Rock and Roll in no time. They are also known for recording Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins (shown in the picture below). Among other famous musicians to record there are B.B. King, Roy Orbison, and Charlie Rich. Today, Sun Studios is still recording music, but also are known as a tourist attraction. They have been visited by such artists as U2, Def Leppard, Bonnie Raitt, and Ringo Starr. 

Love it that my girl and her daddy got to spend some school time together learning about the recording industry.

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