100 Dishes in Alabama: Hope’s Cheesecake

I have been going to Gulf Shores since I was a little girl, and since 1996 I have been driving right by Hope’s Cheesecake to get to my parents house. Every time I see it I think, “Someday I need to stop in there and check it out.” When it garnered a spot on the 100 Dishes to Eat in Alabama Before You Die, I knew I had been missing out on something. Since the girls and I were at the Gulf this weekend, I pulled into Hope’s on my way back home. Oh my!! Y’all, I had no idea there was a place like this in Alabama! They make their cheesecakes from REAL, quality ingredients like Kraft Philadelphia cream cheese, fresh whole eggs, cane sugar, Melipone vanilla, delectable chocolates and luscious liqueurs. I’m here to tell you, using quality makes a HUGE difference. Their cheesecakes are creamy and fabulous! Not one bit dry and crumbly or thick and chewy.
You can see from the picture above the flavors we tried. Here are the descriptions from Hope’s website:
  • White Chocolate Strawberry: This one was a good classic cheesecake with a hint of white chocolate and a yummy strawberry topping. A very classic, creamy cheesecake.
  • Cookies and Cream: One of my top picks from our entire selection. It had a cheesecake base with crushed Oreos mixed into the batter and topped with crushed Oreos. It would be hard to top this one!
  • Chocolate Kahlua: Rich chocolate cheesecake with Kahlua liqueur added. This one was my favorite! It was creamy and dreamy. A very grown-up flavor. The Kahlua was PERFECT! Try it!!
  • Chocolate Marble: Original cheesecake and rich chocolate cheesecake swirled together before baking. Favorite of my girls. The flavors are simple and classic. Really delicious!
  • Key Lime: Our original cheesecake with authentic key lime juice from the Florida Keys. This one has an authentic key lime flavor – not an imitation flavoring taste. A great summery flavor!
  • Strawberry Amaretto: This is another very grown-up flavor. The amaretto is wonderful. This one has the same strawberry topping as the Strawberry White Chocolate, but it also has toasted almond slivers.
The cheesecakes were divine! Definitely NOT your run-of-the-mill grocery store frozen cheesecake! While I was in line, there was a darling couple in front of me ordering. They said they had driven 1200 miles to have one of Hope’s cinnamon rolls. The owner told them they had just pulled some out of the oven and they were icing them now.
I’m still kicking myself for not ordering one of those, too. They smelled heavenly. The roll looked like a delectable combination of cinnamon, sugar, and freshly baked dough. Then the icing. Oh, the icing. I don’t know what was in it, but I could have eaten my weight in it.
Dang it! Why didn’t I get one?!?
I can’t believe I have been driving right past this place for years! From now on, Hope’s Cheesecake will be a regular part of our trips to the beach. You can buy Hope’s Cheesecakes at their store in Gulf Shores, on their website, or in several stores and restaurants along the Gulf Coast. They are available in whole cakes, slices, or cupcake sizes. If you try it, let me know! And tell the darling little owner, Mrs. Jeanne Donald that you read about it on the Hill Hang-Out.
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