My Little Snow Bunnies

We have had our fair share of snow over the last couple of winters. I have lost count of how many snow days the schools around here have used . Four? Five? My children are beginning to equate snow with winter, which, I guess, is how the rest of the country thinks about it. But growing up in Birmingham and Dothan, Alabama, snow was a rare occurrence. We might have seen snow once every three or four years. I’m happy for them to have the chance to experience the excitement and fun that comes with a good snow.

Pitter Patter had a cold the last time we got snow so she was EXCITED to play in it this time. It was all fun and games ’til she got hit in the face with a snow ball. Then she was done. 🙂
We’re having a lazy Saturday morning at home with pigs in a blanket and American Idol on the DVR. Happy Saturday to you all!

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