Adventures in the ATL: Marietta Diner

On the last afternoon of our trip to Atlanta, we’d pretty much done everything we wanted to do and eaten everywhere we wanted to eat. We were out of ideas. So, I turned to my facebook friends for some advice on where to eat. My friend Kim offered up the Marietta Diner. Her husband had seen it on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. He had tried it and loved it.  You know, that’s my kind of place. We were downtown at this point and weren’t sure about traveling all the way to Marietta, especially since we had to still travel to Birmingham before the day was over. However, who can resist Guy Fieri’s advice. So travel to Marietta, we did.
The Marietta diner is a very cute, retro sort of Diner. Much like the OK Cafe, the waitresses wear traditional uniforms. The place is HUGE. It seats hundreds, and almost every seat was full. At 2:00 in the afternoon. This place must be good.
The menu is, no lie, about 10 pages long. They offer anything you could ever possibly want. For some reason, I had my mind set on an open-faced turkey sandwich. AND THEY HAD IT! I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised because that is a pretty typical diner entree, but I was excited to order it.
First, they brought out homemade bread, King Arthur sword-style! Like, a tremendous-size piece of homemade bread. And it was every bit as good as it looks!
Then came the soup. I chose shrimp and crab bisque. I have had a lot of seafood bisque in my life. It’s a particular favorite of mine. But THIS bisque was probably the best I have ever had. Seriously. Like, going back through the rolodex of soups I have enjoyed, I don’t think there has ever been a bisque that tops this one. High praise, friends!

The Caesar salad was scrumptious. Although I like Caesar salad most any was it comes, I enjoy it best with just the right amount of dressing. And the dressing needs to be really strong, but not too strong. There’s a fine line there. I’m here to tell you that the Caesar salad at the Marietta Diner is PERFECT. Just the right amount of everything!

I could have easily gone home fat and happy after the soup and salad. The truth be told, I probably should have. But I still had my entree coming. The open-faced turkey sandwich, covered in gravy, served with homemade mashed potatoes, peas, and cranberry sauce. Y’all. That is too much food for three hungry men. I did my best to eat it all, but fell miserably short.
And then…

Now, I had to draw the line just about here. I gotta tell you, those caked looked like they came straight from the banquet table of Heaven itself. They looked delectable. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to try just a small bite. But, seriously. After all that other food, I just cold not bring myself to even taste cake. I was happy and content to just stare at them and believe in my heart of hearts that each one was the pinnacle of tasty sweet goodness. Maybe I’ll just go for dessert next time.

Thank you all for traveling along with us on our little tour ‘o Hotlanta. I really am so grateful to be able to do all these fun learning experiences with our family. It’s a privilege that I don’t take lightly.
This concludes our flight.

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