Adventures in the ATL: Fernbank Science Center

 This time last week we headed out to the Fernbank Science Center (different than the Fernbank Museum of Natural History). We haven’t heard much about it before, but it was on our list of reciprocating museums from our McWane Center membership, so we decided we’d give it a try. They had some pretty cool displays, our favorite being the mirrors. There were thousands and thousands of me. I’m not sure whether that was good or bad.
I think the planetarium was their big attraction that they are known for. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to do the planetarium show. I hate that we had to skip it because I think it would have definitely made the science center more noteworthy to us.
The center is built on a site that affords them a lovely, natural area out back where they have built nature trails and organic gardening centers. I thought that their organic gardening and composting areas were a fabulous resource for anyone interested in raising their own vegetable garden. I learned a lot, and might even be inspired to try it again this summer. We have tried vegetable gardening before, but with poor results.

This is one field trip that I think is best done with a group with one of the science center guides. I feel that by going it alone on this one, we probably missed out on a lot of the good discussion and teaching that the guides probably provided. While we learned a lot, I think we could have learned a lot more from someone knowledgeable about what we were looking at. However, I’m glad we went. You never know about something until you try it.

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