Adventures in the ATL: American Girl Doll Store

My girl and I love a field trip, and when said field trip requires a road trip, it’s even better. Last weekend we sent Daddy to the deer camp with some friends and sent baby sister to Gran Camp and we set off for a weekend in Atlanta. We had a lofty agenda, jam-packed with educational (and not-so-educational) fun. The very first thing we did, before we even checked into our hotel (aka Auntie Anne and Uncle Larry’s spare bedroom) we made a beeline for the American Girl doll store. My girl adores the American Girl doll store, and we visit every time we go to Atlanta. Young ladies can bring their American Girl doll to their hair dresser for an update on her hairstyle. They have all of their clothing on display so that little ladies can walk around and ponder intently before making their final selections. They have a bistro where girls can have lunch with their dolls (and their parents, too, of course!). They even provide seats for the dolls so that they can sit at the table with the rest of the family. The staff are so friendly and love to chat about your girls doll with them.
MA has been saving her birthday and Christmas money for something special. She decided that a new outfit for her American Girl doll was special enough to spend her precious dollars on.  


It can almost be overwhelming trying to decide on ONE outfit. They are all very well made and so, so cute! My girl walked around the store for almost an hour weighing her options. Decisions, decisions!!!


She finally decided that since she is a ballerina, she would go with the ballerina outfit for her doll. It was very cute and came with a leotard, leg warmers, ballet shoes, ballet skirt, and a cover-up.



If you have little ladies in your house, especially ones who love American Girl dolls, the doll store is a wonderland experience. The staff works hard to make it a trip your girl will always remember!
Since we arrived in town around dinner time, we headed on over to Auntie Anne’s house after the doll store to go to bed early and be ready for our next day’s fun. We arrived at Auntie Anne’s house just in time for spaghetti (delicious) and a soak in the hot tub. I think Auntie Anne’s hot tub is one of Mary Anneliese’s favorite places on earth! I think she would move in with them if I would let her.

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