Our Snow Days

Boy, have I had a hard time uploading pictures from our snow days! I’m not sure if it was Blogger or operator error, but I was finally able this morning to get them onto the blog. We were expected to receive between 6-8″ of snow in our area. The kiddos were as excited as you might imagine. We got our fire wood ready, loaded the pantry with non-perishables, readied the grill and gas heater. And then we waited. It turned really cold, but no snow. The girls waited up as long as they could, but finally bedtime called. They hoped to wake the next morning to a winter wonderland. This is what they got…
We probably got about an inch of snow, but lots and lots of ICE! The sleet and freezing rain (did you know there was a difference? We did a little science research on the subject.) made the snow a big frozen mess! Instead of nice fluffy powder, it was hard and crunchy and SLICK!
No matter! This girl is happy to be out in it anyway. She had the best time jumping on the trampoline, which was covered with the crunchy, slushy mess.
The absolute BEST part of our winter weather was that Daddy got to stay home from work an extra day. While he doesn’t like to miss work, I think he decided that he might as well enjoy the day off. The girls were excited to have him home, and so was I.
Bitty tried her best to make a snow angel, but the snow just wouldn’t cooperate!
My girl’s love language is TIME, so you know she wanted everybody out in the snow with her. She is in her happy place when EVERYBODY is experiencing the fun with her.
Poor little Pitter Patter had a bad cold, so she didn’t get to participate in our snow fun. She was quite content to stay inside and watch movies all day. Isn’t she pitiful? Thankfully, she is feeling much better now.
I loved seeing all of your cute snow pictures on facebook! It looks like everyone made the most of the time off from school and work and had a lot of fun!


  1. How little Patterson is feeling better for the weekend!! We got about a half inch of ice but the worst part is the bitter cold!! Thanks for sharing the pictures. And you'll have to post a blog about y'all science research. =)

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