Reindeer Cupcakes

My friend Catherine posted a picture on facebook of some very darling reindeer cupcakes that she and her children made for a Christmas party at school. They were so very precious, and I knew my girls would love to make something similar.

You can use any boxed chocolate cupcake mix or your own favorite chocolate cupcake recipe. If you need a great recipe try my favorite one here. For the icing, I used store-bought cream cheese icing and chocolate icing. I just mixed about half a can of the white into the whole can of chocolate. That gave me the color I wanted. The antlers are broken pretzels – I used the big ones. The eyes are a dot of cream cheese icing with a chocolate chip in the middle. The mouth is a mini Nilla wafer with a Hot Tamale on it. Just cut the end off of the Hot Tamale and stick it on the cookie, using a smidge of icing so it will stick. Catherine used a Tootsie Roll to make little ears on her reindeer. I forgot to buy those at the grocery, so our reindeer are of the earless variety. My girls didn’t even know they were missing.
It was a fun afternoon project and, as you can see, the girls were all smiles about their creations!

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