Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The winter weather is finally arriving in Birmingham, and we LOVE it (for a little while, at least)! We have had temperatures in the thirties, with lows of 19 expected by the end of this week. BRRR! We are staying a home ALL DAY today and are bundled up in our sweat suits and fuzzy socks (the littles are still in pj’s) with this going in the fireplace…
We are sitting in front of it doing our school work, just like in ye days of olde. See, I have been telling you all that I could have been a pioneer woman. Well, except for the fact that we also have the heat and dishwasher going. But, really… I could have survived!
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but around here we are slightly off the beaten path. We march to the beat of a different drummer. We take the road less traveled. We… okay, that’s all the cliches I can think of right now. Anyhoo, while most kids excitedly color pictures of Disney princesses, we… umm… well…
What little girl doesn’t love to color pictures of Louis XIV?!? 

And William Penn?!?

We have also been working on a few Christmas projects.
It has been a perfect day to stay in and recover from our busy weekend. More about that later!

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